Electrical Wiring in New Zealand

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Modern electrical wiring who’s easy and quick to install in the new house in New Zealand, and when connected back to the switchboard end of the wall switches and sockets it delivers a very safe and reliable solution. Modern switches and sockets are the result of decades of improvement, and are extremely reliable and safe.

In fact the New Zealand government recently relaxed the electrical wiring regulations to allow the average homeowner to install their own light switch and power socket, and avoid the cost of hiring an electrician. The average home owner is not permitted to run a new wire to a new wall switch or socket, but they are permitted to replace an old socket with a new one.

The wiring for old houses is much less reliable and much less easy to deal with. It is often installed inside a metal conduit, and the wire sheathing is generally deteriorated and dangerous. When an old house is being upgraded replacing all the wiring is generally a requirement of the local council.

This is a fairly straightforward job if the lining is off the wall, but it is obviously more complex if the wiring has to be installed behind existing wall lining. Nevertheless modern wiring in wall switches and sockets can be installed for very reasonable cost and can look very tidy and clean in an upgraded room. This work is almost always done by a qualified electrician, and will involve him crawling around in the ceiling to run the wiring, and then either removing wall linings or least drilling holes in the wall lining to bring the wiring down to the switches and power sockets.

It’s also generally recommended to completely replace the old switchboard, as a modern new switchboard is much more Compact and more easy to work with in the event of a blown fuse for example. The modern meter board uses small circuit breakers rather than fuses, and these are much easier to work with.

Typically a renovated old house will also get a new heat pump, in this requires special wiring directly from the meter board, and a special connection on the outside cladding where the heat pump is going to be installed.

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